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Radio Host, DJ, Utility Man

Q has always been in love with music from a very early age. It's no surprised to anyone that knows him that he's involved at this level. With his drive for positive vibes, you'll understand where he's going and why he's inspired to achieve greatness through music.

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Radio Host

DJ. Pepper is the type of person who can only do one thing, but does it better than everyone else. DJ. Pepper lives and breathes music. Get in touch in order to learn a thing or two about the industry.

DJ. Khary


DJ Khary of Black Atlantic Sounds has been an active member of the South Florida music & culture scene since the early 90s. Founding member of the legendary Mainstream/Jahstream crew, Khary made a name for himself as the first ever DJ host of Florida International University's Urban Comedy Show and Basketball games. He later released several seminal, fiery Mixtapes which were nationally acclaimed under the name DJ Komplex. After a lengthy absence from the game which witnessed Khary earn multiple Masters degrees in History and African Diaspora Studies he has recently returned to music with his own sound system, helping launch a radio station and Emceeing on the track "Sweetwater" on rap artist Yooda's critically acclaimed D.A.D.E. Album.DJ Khary is a veteran of the game and a musical connoisseur of considerable and eclectic tastes. He brings this dynamic musical range to Movement Radio with two shows - Top Boy Tuesdays and Black Atlantic Sound station on Thursdays, both vibing between 7 and 9 PM. 

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